Rainbow Sunset

Rainbow Sunset

So how did I get to this final shot with the beautiful colours. Slowed down. I thought much more about it and actually went through a visualization more thouroughly. Not 100% by a long shot but by doing this type of thing and setting it all up you can get a feel of what I was thinking about. A real look behind the scenes of what went on. I did this not only to show you but to learn myself. I want to start slowing down and thinking about the shot more. To actually see what the final image needs to look like. Was great fun so may do this more often.

This is the visualization of being in the field. The video was taken with my little Samsung W so not the best quality but you will get the idea of what was going through my mind.

I used mostly Lightroom for the edits as I only wanted to bring out those colours. I used two images, one for foreground and one for the sky. So basically I was trying to bring out the best of both.

Photoshop touches were really sparse and I used it basically to blend the two shots and then dodge and burn.


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