Morning has Spoken

Early morning to get the sunrise hitting the castle called Monfort. This is an old crusader castle overlooking a beautiful stream. One of the few that actually has water still running in mid summer. It is also close to home so not only is it beautiful but I can go back and explore this area throughout the year.

Start of the Line

The Start image although exposed OK was very flat

Lots of work would be needed to get rid of that muck in the air. When taking the shot my intention was black and white just because of the shadows and the highlights of the sun hitting the side of the castle wall. I thought that the contrast would work well in black and white. I must say that I was disappointed at the result because the humidity in the air really spoilt this one for me although i knew I would be able to pull some more out of the image.

Start Histogram

The histogram showed a central bump. Not sure how to read it with the mist in the air

Still learning to read the histogram but this one was taken with the exposure to the right without blowing out those highlights in the castle wall. My final image i imagined nice and dark with the forrest below. In hindsight I should have made a few notes on the exposure of the trees and the wall and then been able to pull and push the values to where I wanted them to be creatively.

Final Product

Morning has Broken

So to get the final image I pulled down the exposure, along with the blacks slider in Lightroom. To extend the highlights I pulled up the whites slider a touch. This got rid of a bit of the haze. clarity and contrast was added to give more of a pop. My B&W conversion saw me drag the greens and yellow’s down to really darken the forest and to keep the castle highlighted with oranges. The final major change came with the burning of the forest some more and then some of the more hi-key parts of the castle. Some cropping, straightening and a vignette were also added to finish this one off. Might have another go at this image because I’m sure it has tons of potential.


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