Two Time Tuesday

When I took this image I was really hoping the clouds would play a more dominant role. The problem was this was mid-afternoon and it was a bright hot sunny day. I knew I was shooting for black and white so concentrated on the details in the clouds and then also the rocks. Converted to B&W with limited changes actually and really just tried to make the sky pop a bit.



Straight out of the Camera this image looks flat from the strong highlights. This was shot as far to the left as I could get without blowing out the highlights. It was a long exposure so this caused more of an issue to save some highlights in there but I was looking for that candyfloss effect. Dust spots and the wonky horizon were also two issues I have to get fixed.



The conversion was purely Lightroom and you can see the settings below. I also did a little bit of dodging and burning to coax some more details out of those highlight area’s. I really liked the clouds in the sky and this little rock pool that would fill and burbs with each wave that came along. Trying to time it so that the exposure did not just catch a white blur took a few tries but i’m pretty happy with the result.

LR Settings

LR Settings


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