Russel Brown’s Film and Filter Technique

Looking into conversion’s to black and white in more detail and came across something quite interesting and it turns out quite popular and effective. Russel Brown call’s it the “Film and Filter” technique and takes the image and filters it through two Hue Adjustments Layers, one acting like a filter on the front of the camera and the other like the black and white film of days gone by. This give quite a bit of power in that you can actually play with the Filter Adjustment Layer’s Hue and Saturation to give very different effect, down to the individual colours themselves.

Original Colour

Original Colour Image

My default image is just a simple conversion from Lightroom using the standard conversion to B&W and then pumping contrast 50%. This is all and it gives a sort of reference to what I compare the different techniques I try. It also only take about two seconds as I have it as a preset. This give a lighter soil and darker leaves. I then used the action I created for the “Film and Filter” technique. Adjusting the colours a bit I set the Hue to +21 and the Saturation to -15. I also lowered the lightness in the Film layer to bring out some of the details in the leaves. I liked the fact that I was able to pull out more detail in the leaves and add more off that tunnel effect with the lines being more pronounced with the different tones.

Lightroom Edit

Lightroom Edit

Film and Filter

Film and Filter


2 thoughts on “Russel Brown’s Film and Filter Technique

  1. Very nice. I like the final adjustments you made using your Film and Filter preset. Congrats on starting your photo blog! Best wishes and let me know if I can be of help!

    • Help from a pro would always be useful. I’m sort of concentrating on the black and white side of things. So if you have any suggestions or things I could read up on I’d love to hear about it.

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