Converting a Wandering Jew to Black and White

Title might be a bit controversial but it really is tongue in cheek and hope it gets the mind thinking straight away. So this is the start image that has been processed slightly in Lightroom. I will be using Lightroom only to do the conversions for now, at least till I can get some more familiarity with the B&W conversion. This is a touch blurry but I really like the focus point on the water droplet so was hoping that the B&W would bring that through. My eye still needs quite a bit of training when it comes to seeing in B&W while taking the actual photo but as with all things time will make the difference I hope.

Colour image starting point

So after getting a conversation going on G+ about what people use to convert it became apparent that Nik Software Silver Efex was the tool of choice. I downloaded the trial but want to watch a few video’s for inspiration before trying the software plugin for Lightroom. So in the mean time I decided to try my hand at experimenting in LR and trying to see what I can pull out of the images with the power of Lightroom 4. Below is a preset that comes with Lightroom called B&W Contrast High. I then adjusted the clarity a bit but otherwise left as is.

Lightroom Preset

LR Preset: B&W Contrast High

The next option what trying it myself a bit by doing a black and white conversion. This is the option where I just used the default B&W panel without really changing anything within the sliders of the colours to enhance the image. The resulting difference is very subtle but I was looking fro a darker image from the purple that was in the leaves of this sprawling plant

Default B&W

My last attempt was to play around with the sliders after the default settings. Here I used the dragging option in the sliders to hover over the leaves and drag down. This really got the leaves going darker in the direction I wanted. My main idea was to darken the leaves and show the brighter spot for the droplet. I really like the result from playing around. I might come back to this one and see what Silver Efex can do to this one.

Colour Adjustments


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